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About me

I am a self-taught 26-year-old musician from Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2016 I started a project 'Whitesand'. Throughout these years I have developed as a musician, learned and improved in my field, made amazing friendships and collaborations. My music is used by YouTubers throughout the world. I am inspired by cinema music as well as popular music bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I don't like to be labeled as a cinematic music composer, but making this type of music currently is my main occupation.

I am a simple guy, who just loves music and finds meaning in it. I do believe in the ethic of hard work and doing your best.

Whitesand sitting on a road curb with a distant look.

My work

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  • The dark sorcerer

  • Empty world

  • Honor

  • Eternity

My music featuring in

Blade Runner Mock-up Score

Collaborated with a YouTuber for an original scoring inspired by the Blade Runner movies and sound. The project was well received and appreciated by the public.


I am continuously looking for meaningful and inspiring partnerships or collaborations. My fees start at 500$ per 3-4 minutes of music material. For short films and movie soundtracks price varies and we discuss this on an individual basis.

I usually charge a deposit before the work is started. Continuous interaction with a client is maintained throughout the process to make sure that music reaches intended emotional impact. The whole process is collaborative.


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